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What is a rotator cuff injury?

Your rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles that help center the ball on the socket while using the shoulder. The rotator cuff tendons attach the rotator cuff muscles to the ball (humeral head). Rotator cuff muscle weakness or rotator cuff tendon injury can cause severe shoulder pain and stiffness. Most commonly, rotator cuff injuries are the result of repeated overhead motions.

Dr. Dare specializes in sports medicine and commonly treats patients who are suffering from rotator cuff injuries. Often, shoulder injuries can be treated with conservative options, like physician-monitored physical therapy, but in more serious cases, the condition could require surgery.

What causes a rotator cuff injury?

Most rotator cuff injuries are the result of overuse in older adults. However, younger people tend to experience a rotator cuff injury as a result of a traumatic injury to the shoulder. These often involve contact sports, falling from a height, or a motor vehicle accident.

Dr. Dare sees patients of all ages with rotator cuff injuries, including all levels of athletes. Some of the most common sports and activities that can result in a rotator cuff injury include:

    • Softball
    • Baseball
    • Swimming
    • Gymnastics
    • Basketball
    • Painting
    • Chopping wood
    • Climbing ladders

    What are the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury?

    Visit Dr. David Dare in Raleigh, NC if you experience any of the below common symptoms of a rotator cuff injury:

    • Dull aching deep within your shoulder
    • Weakness in the shoulder or arm
    • Pain while lifting arm or reaching for things
    • Pain during sports involving the shoulder
    • Difficulty sleeping due to shoulder pain

    How is a rotator cuff injury diagnosed?

    Dr. David Dare can determine whether your shoulder pain is due to a rotator cuff injury or another shoulder condition. He performs a comprehensive physical evaluation of your shoulder and listens to your current symptoms and concerns. Dr. Dare also spends time discussing your medical history to determine whether you have had any related issues in the past and to decide the best treatment path for you. In order to rule out any other shoulder conditions, he may also conduct one of the below imaging tests to further evaluate your shoulder joint.

    • X-rays
    • MRI scans
    • CT scans

    How is a rotator cuff injury treated?

    Rotator cuff injury treatment will vary depending on the exact type of injury as well as the severity of your injury. In the large majority of cases, Dr. Dare is able to treat your rotator cuff injury without surgery, using nonoperative modalities to get you back to your best shape. Some of the conservative options Dr. Dare recommends when appropriate include:

    • Rest
    • Activity level and lifestyle modifications
    • Heat/ice therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Exercise therapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Pain medications

    In cases where conservative options are unsuccessful or your rotator cuff injury is severe, Dr. Dare may recommend a surgical treatment option, which he will discuss with you in detail. Dr. Dare always uses the least invasive surgical options, including the most advanced arthroscopic approaches to shoulder replacement surgery and other shoulder repair surgeries.

    If you are experiencing symptoms of a rotator cuff injury, consult an orthopedic shoulder specialist. Dr. David Dare is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and shoulder surgery. His primary goal is to develop an effective treatment plan using the least invasive techniques to relieve your shoulder pain, restore function, and get you back to feeling your best. Call 919.781.5600 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dare today.

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